Research: Software Development


UCSB’s contribution to the BioSpice program, BioSens provides a sensitivity analysis toolkit for BioSpice through the BioMat Bridge. Sensitivity analysis investigates the changes in the system outputs or performance with respect to the parameter variations, which are quantified by the sensitivity coefficients S. Mathematically, the sensitivity coefficients are the first order derivatives of the outputs with respect to the parameters that affect the system dynamics. To learn more and download the necessary files, please go to the BioSens Home Page .

Pulp Mill Benchmark

The benchmark is based on the flowsheet of an actual Pulp and Paper Mill. The complete benchmark is available for downloading (for educational/research purposes) including a derivation of the mathematical models of the process, the details about the problem, all the source code (including MATLAB m-files, C programs), and documentation describing how to use the software.The benchmark problem is suitable for a wide range of topics in process systems engineering including: process modeling and state estimation, control, optimization, and fault diagnosis. The benchmark is representative of modern pulp mill processes, therefore results demonstrated for the benchmark should be applicable to other pulp mills. Please go to the Benchmark Home Page for more info.