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Glucose Monitoring through Meal Detection

A study looked at using continuous glucose monitoring to detect a meal. Eyal Dassau, PHD, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, said the ability to use a meal detection algorithm has safety and quality-of-life implications, particularly in children and adolescents, which is why the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation provided financial support for the study.

Adolescents often forget to bolus before eating, which results in very high blood glucose levels a couple of hours after a meal, which is something we’d like to avoid,” Dr. Dassau said.

The study he presented looked at whether glucose rate-of-change data from a continuous glucose monitor could detect a meal. Dr. Dassau said the results indicated that the use of meal detection algorithm will trigger a model for predictive control of insulin dosing during a meal before there has been a major elevation in blood glucose levels. More…