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Eleonora Maria Aiello

Postdoctoral Fellow
John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University


I am interested in Model Predictive Control, System Identification, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Bayesian Learning. My research has been mainly focused on the development of control algorithms for regulating the glucose concentration in the framework of Artificial Pancreas development for Type 1 Diabetes patients. I have experience in identification of individualized metabolic models of patients to be included in Model Predictive Controllers, as well as in data analysis and statistical learning techniques applied to in silico and in vivo data. Currently, I work on the design of a control strategy for glucose regulation for Type 1 Diabetes patients based on sensing platform for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple biomarkers.


Ph.D., Identification and Control of Dynamic Systems, University of Pavia, 2020

M.E., Embedded and Control Systems, University of Pavia, 2016

B.S., Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Pavia, 2014


Email: emaiello (at) g (dot) harvard (dot) edu