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About The Doyle Group

About The Doyle Group

Based at Harvard University, the Doyle group is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, coming from backgrounds such as computer science, biology, and chemical engineering. Contact us to inquire about open positions.

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Recent Publications

Body Mass Index Effect on Differing Responses to Psychological Stress in Blood Glucose Dynamics in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

Basak Ozaslan, Stephen D. Patek, Jesse H. Grabman, Jaclyn A. Shepard, Eyal Dassau, Marc D. Breton, Yogish C. Kudva, Sue A. Brown, Ananda Basu, Jordan E. Pinsker, Francis J. Doyle, III, Linda Gonder-Frederick. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2018.

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Glucose Sensor Dynamics and the Artificial Pancreas: The Impact of Lag on Sensor Measurement and Controller Performance

Lauren M. Huyett, Eyal Dassau, Howard C. Zisser, and Francis J. Doyle, III. IEEE Control Systems Magazine. February 2018: 30-46.

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Real-Time Detection of Infusion Site Failures in a Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas

 Daniel P. Howsmon, Nihat Baysal, Bruce A. Buckingham, Gregory P. Forlenza, Trang T. Ly, David M. Maahs, Tatiana Marcal, Lindsey Towers, Eric Mauritzen, Sunil Deshpande, Lauren M. Huyett, Jordan E. Pinsker, Ravi Gondhalekar, Francis J. Doyle, III, Eyal Dassau, Juergen Hahn,  and B. Wayne Bequette. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2018.

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