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About The Doyle Group

About The Doyle Group

Based at Harvard University, the Doyle group is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, coming from backgrounds such as computer science, biology, and chemical engineering. Contact us to inquire about open positions.

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Recent Publications

Model-Based Personalization Scheme of an Artificial Pancreas for Type I Diabetes Applications

Doyle III, Francis J. , Dassau, Eyal, Seborg, Dale E., Lee, Joon Bok.    United States Patent Application. 2020.

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Novel Pharmacological Targets for Combat PTSD—Metabolism, Inflammation, The Gut Microbiome, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

F Saverio Bersani, Synthia H Mellon, Daniel Lindqvist, Jee In Kang, Ryan Rampersaud, Pramod Rajaram Somvanshi, Francis J Doyle, III, Rasha Hammamieh, Marti Jett, Rachel Yehuda, Charles R Marmar, Owen M Wolkowitz, Military Medicine 185, 2020.

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Randomized Controlled Trial of Mobile Closed-Loop Control

Boris Kovatchev, Stacey M. Anderson, Dan Raghinaru, Yogish C. Kudva, Lori M. Laffel, Carol Levy, Jordan E. Pinsker, R. Paul Wadwa, Bruce Buckingham, Francis J. Doyle, Sue A. Brown, Mei Mei Church, Vikash Dadlani, Eyal Dassau, Laya Ekhlaspour, Gregory P. Forlenza, Elvira Isganaitis, David W. Lam, John Lum, Roy W. Beck, for the iDCL Study Group. Diabetes Care. 2020.

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